To further reduce the high cost of Human Resource functions, we offer an effective, efficient and streamlined process for procuring and maintaining Employee Financial and Health Benefits.

Our automated process enables you and your employees to receive information, view their options, register for and maintain current with a variety of service providers.


Staffing and Recruiting

For more than a decade, Pursuit of Excellence has provided significant consulting and outsourcing services to support talent management operations and recruiting and staffing optimization.

Pursuit of Excellence has also delivered programmatic staffing services, provisioning thousands of workers over the past 10+ years. Client sites with significant staffing requirements have more than 100 Pursuit of Excellence team members on site.

The Managed Services model currently deployed is a hybrid of sole-source for hourly workers and multi-tier for hard-to-fill, technical or leadership positions. Pursuit of Excellence leverages the reach and relationships of second-tier regional staffing companies for the hard-to-fill, technical or leadership positions when necessary.

Because staffing typically requires subject matter experts to be available to cover a broad cross-section of issues, including HR, payroll, benefits etc., Pursuit of Excellence uses a local operating model with a primary account manager as the point of contact.

Our single layer contingent labor model must provide for the fundamental delivery of human resources through the talent supply chain in an efficient manner.

However, any model must also provide capabilities which directly confront and successfully address risks to talent sourcing and delivery which are currently disrupting – or at minimum, re-characterizing – the workforce today. Any solution which does not address these risks will eventually realize negative impacts to,

  • Cost: an increase in operational expense as the cost-to-serve rises
  • Quality: an increase in turnover generated by decreasing longevity
  • Speed: a degradation in service levels, i.e. increased cycle time (speed to fill)

Because Pursuit of Excellence has 21 years of strategic human resources consulting, staffing and outsourcing experience, Pursuit of Excellence is uniquely positioned to address the competitive pressures for talent and position your company for success through your people.