About Pursuit of Excellence

History and the Early Days
Pursuit of Excellence is a Dallas-based company founded in 1994 by Ms. Marie Diaz while independently working with Fortune 500 companies as an Organizational Development Consultant and Coach. Pursuit of Excellence incorporated in 1997 and over time, expanded to offer a full scope of human resources offerings, including, HR Risk Management, HRIS Consulting, Organizational Design and Development, Employee Training, Payroll Processing, Employee Total Rewards, Benefit Administration, Third Party Administration and Performance and Talent Management.

Our Commitment to Ethical Business Practices
Pursuit of Excellence is built on a philosophy of trust, requiring ethical behavior while promoting an environment of candor and engagement. Our success requires all team members to execute duties to the highest standards, bringing credit to themselves and our firm. Pursuit of Excellence provides a proper, comfortable working environment and sets the “bar” high to execute daily tasks safely with fair consideration to all fellow team members, without discrimination or hostility. We continuously inform our team members of this basic, non-negotiable, ethical approach to their work. Professionalism and safe operations are basic daily requirements. Pursuit of Excellence stresses the importance of talking with any supervisor, senior manager or Human Resource official when anyone is not sure of the proper course of action or believe someone has violated employment policies, ethical standards or the law.

Our Internal Certifications
Pursuit of Excellence recognizes the benefit of continuing education and prides itself in our ability to attract well rounded human capital. Below are some of our internal certifications:

  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
    An industry certification for people working in the human resource management profession signifying that individuals possess the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource management necessary to pass a rigorous examination demonstrating a mastery of the body of knowledge in the field
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
    The senior-most human resources certification for those who have also demonstrated a strategic mastery of the HR body of knowledge
  • Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
    Certification credential for those with payroll knowledge and experience
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt
    Certification for applying a systematic approach to quality improvement, cost reduction and process efficiency
  • Life and Health Insurance License
    Insurance license to sell and consultant individuals and companies on life and health insurance

Our Quality Practices
Pursuit of Excellence is committed to cultivating an ongoing culture, internally and with its clients, of continuous improvement, or Kaizen. We consistently use a collaborative partnering approach to improving quality and customer satisfaction by working closely and intimately with all supply chain process owners and end customers. The following are some examples of internal methods used by Pursuit of Excellence to maintain, deliver and drive improving quality and consistency of service:

  • Process Management
    Playbooks & Standard Operating Procedures
    Process documentation changes as needed
  • Quality Controls
    Establishment of required criteria prior to receiving work
    Poke-Yoke / Error-Proofing
    Quality Control Checkpoints
    Quality activities are moved up-stream for prevention
  • Training & Monitoring
    Managers deliver new joiner / continuing education training
    Performance management at the individual level
  • Process Improvement
    Process improvement at the source to prevent the error
    Continuous improvement/kaizen cultural mindset
    Increased investment in prevention and appraisal so the overall cost of poor quality decreases
  • Accountability
    Team members are accountable for raising attention to errors as discovered
    Process owners are accountable for process documentation accuracy and completeness
    Managers are accountable for measurable outcomes such as improving quality and increasing productivity

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