Our Value Proposition


Because People ARE Your Most Important Asset…

Question: What is the most important layer in the enterprise stack in any business?

Enterprise Stack

Answer: The People Layer. Human Resources is recognized as the most critical layer for the following reasons:

1.   They make decisions for everything else
2.   The people influence all the other layers
3.   Labor is usually the greatest expense
4.   People are the greatest source of risk

Pursuit of Excellence
Is focused on the people layer to provide solutions which,

A.   Maximize your internal employee productivity
B.   Reduce your time spent on transactional activities
C.   Allow your team to focus on higher priorities
D.   Increase your profitability
E.   Reduce your employment-related liability
F.   Reduce your overall labor cost

We accomplish these objectives by solving problems and addressing issues in the areas of human resources, worker’s compensation, risk management, employee benefits, payroll administration, etc.

Pursuit of Excellence
Enables You to Focus on What You Do Best!

Chances are great that you did not launch your business to become entangled in the seamless web of federal, state and city regulations which relate to employees and governance of the workplace. These regulations and the many laws used to enforce them, create a minefield for even the most sophisticated business owner and executives.

You went into business to focus on innovating and delivering your core product or service. So did we.

To become the best in your market, there is no room for distraction. We excel at our core capabilities which enables you to excel at yours.

Pursuit of Excellence
Delivers Peace of Mind

Pursuit of Excellence offers three layers of capability to customers nationally and internationally:

  1. Audit and compliance services
  2. Consulting and transformation project management
  3. Transactional and tactical outsourcing capabilities

Because Pursuit of Excellence has focused specialization across the entire platform of human capital management capabilities, we are also uniquely capable of addressing issues and the following subject domains:

   Human Resource Risk Management & Outsourcing
   Organizational Design, Development & Executive Coaching
   Payroll Administration & Outsourcing
   Employee Benefit Administration & Employee Recruitment/Staffing

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